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Solar Financing - How It Works

Here at Sun Valley Renewables we have options to make it affordable for you. Nowadays you do not have to pay for your solar system up front. Over the last few years, the availability of solar loans is at an all-time high. With at least a 640-credit score, making at least $40,000 per year and owning your home, you most likely will be qualified. Some people cringe and run when they hear the word financing, however, it should not be a scary topic. At Sun Valley Renewables we offer a selection of financing options for both commercial and residential installations. We can help you experience the financial benefits of your solar system from the day that we install. When you rent a home, you pay a landlord a monthly payment in order to live at their property and at no point will you ever own that home, but rather a continuous monthly payment. When you buy a home, you typically take out a loan and after that loan is paid off you do not owe any more payments, the home belongs to YOU. Think of investing in solar power in the same way. Without a solar energy system, you must pay your “energy landlord” for the power that you use in your home or business. YOU WILL NEVER BE DONE PAYING THEM BECAUSE YOU ARE RENTING THEIR POWER RATHER THAN PAYING FOR A SOLAR SYSTEM THAT WILL CREATE YOUR OWN POWER. While investing in a solar energy system may involve taking out a loan, the loan payments will usually be less than your current energy bill and, once the system is paid off, NO MORE ELECTRICITY BILL! By purchasing a solar power system, the monthly payments you make will be building equity in that solar power system and increasing the value of your home each month. Plus, the power that you produce with your solar system will be yours, giving you a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. If your system produces more power than you need, you can sell that excess power back to your former “energy landlord”. Click the button below to see how you can start owning your own power and quit paying your “Energy Landlord.”

Solar Energy Installations through Financing

We enable you to step into the future and go solar with ZERO down payment. As more and more people opt for solar energy system installation, we believe that you should be one of them too. So, talk to our specialists and avail our personalized financing options today!



We can offset 100% of your electrical usage with absolutely NO MONEY DOWN. Our 30-year warranty is, hands down, the best in the state.


The ITC (Investment Tax Credit) allows you to take advantage of the 30% federal solar tax credit. This credit applies to the full amount of your solar panel system which includes all materials and installation costs.

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