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Clean Energy for your Farm or Business

A growing number of farms and small businesses are switching to solar energy to power their daily operations. Thanks in part to the Solar Energy Technologies Office's investments, the cost of going solar has significantly declined, empowering more installations across the country. Sun Valley Renewables is on the forefront of this in the state of Arkansas

Solar Energy Install for Farms and Businesses

Tired of paying for high energy costs to run your farm or business? Cut out the needless energy expenses by shifting to our SVR’s clean energy solutions. Ensure that your daily activities never have to stop through our easy solar energy system installation options.



We can offset 100% of your electrical usage with absolutely NO MONEY DOWN. Our 30-year warranty is, hands down, the best in the state.


The ITC (Investment Tax Credit) allows you to take advantage of the 26% federal solar tax credit. This is a direct offset against any federal income taxes owed. This credit applies to the full amount of your solar panel system which includes all materials and installation costs.

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