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We at Sun Valley Renewables always appreciates new business. We love when our customers are happy. Because we appreciate it so much, we’d love to do your friends and family a great job and give you a piece of the pie.

Every referral you provide us with guides us to help others save money on their energy bills. And it keeps us busy!

The greatest part of this Referral program is that for every customer that we install and complete from YOUR referral, we will give you $1000. That is money back in your pocket. The easy way.

We have customers that have completely paid off their solar systems just by referrals alone!
WE WANT YOU TO KEEP IN MIND THAT WE ARE NOT LOOKING TO SOLICIT TO PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT INTERESTED. So please keep that in mind for the people you would like us to contact.

So if you know a family member, friend, business colleague, or any one else that you think would like to hear more about the possibilities of going solar, please fill out the form below and we will contact them and deliver the same great service that we provided for you.
Referral Form
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